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Using the pure power of plants Botanicals creates beautiful botanical formulations that adhere to strict performance and ethical standards. Ecological products derived solely from sustainably produced, approved sources, free from artificial colours, fragrances and petrochemicals, including parabens, and are as close to nature as possible.  Botanicals skincare products are also cruelty-free, not tested on animals suitable for use during pregnancy and suitable for vegans. 

Botanicals’ Soil Association Organic Certification Commitment:


+ no parabens, sulphates or controversial ingredients used

+ only certified organic ingredients

+ or from sustainably produced, approved sources

+ safe ingredients, both from a human and environmental perspective

+ fully biodegradable ingredients that are also certified non-GM

+ reassurance there is minimum processing of ingredients

+ clear labelling for informed choices about what to buy

+ strict ethics based on personal & environmental health & wellbeing


Glo Therapists will now receive a special discount on Botanicals Products:

30% off with extra 5% applied to the cart value for orders over £150 inclusive of VAT 

To register for your Botanicals Glo Therapist account, please complete the application form on Botanicals' website at: https://www.botanicals.co.uk/therapist-accounts/

The first stage is to open an ordinary retail account: https://www.botanicals.co.uk/login.php?action=create_account.

The form asks you to confirm that you’ve made an initial order of £40. But you can by-pass this if you are a Glo Therapist.

Simply tick the box stating that you have spent £40. Then select ‘Other’ on the ‘I am a’ field just below. And enter ‘Glo Therapist’ in the next field.

When you have completed the form, Botanicals will send an email confirming all the details. 

The application process usually takes around two working days - but can be sooner if you need to place an urgent order.

NEW! As a special offer Botanicals is offering glo therapists a free 100ml Organic Sanitiser with opening order. (Order must be over £50 inclusive of VAT.)




To claim the free sanitiser, Glo Therapists simply need to quote ‘sanitiser’ in the comments box at the checkout. Offer ends 31st December 2020