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Health and Safety during Covid-19 - Glo Therapist 

Last updated on 8th April 2021


  • Glo has prepared an online Client Health Consultation and Covid-19 form which will be issued to clients prior to their booking and will be provided to the therapist in advance of the treatment day. The  form covers reasons for refusal of treatment (symptoms of client or other member of household, along with underlying health conditions which are now a contraindication: (heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, suppressed immune systems etc.) or aged over 70.
  • The details contained in the Client Health Consultation and Covid-19 Form which are completed by all clients allows Glo and Glo therapist’s to follow Test and Trace protocols now required. 
  • Glo is communicating with holiday partners and clients to request that proper risk assessments are taking place at each property prior to the therapist/s arrival.
  • Glo has a revised cancellation policy
  • Glo is arranging 5 minute breaks between each treatment for any clients not from the same household to allow for treatment room/equipment/surface areas to be cleaned and room to be aired. As a result, therapist break times will be reduced.
  • Glo is communicating with clients in advance whether the Government guidelines permit treatments safely after 12th April 2021
  • Glo has requested two separate rooms if two therapists are provided.  For smaller venues with less rooms, there will need to be enough room for therapists to set up at least 1m from each other. Massage beds are typically 2m x 1m.
  • Glo has incorporated new Covid-19 health and safety protocols. The therapist will need to have read these prior to confirming a booking.


Preparation for the Booking

  • 48 hrs before the booking the therapist is required to respond to the Glo booking check-in email and questions pertinent to Covid-19 and confirm that they are completely free of any Covid-19 symptoms. To inform Glo immediately if they are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms or have been asked to quarantine and the therapist is unable to fulfil the booking.
  • 24 hrs before the booking the therapist is required to call the host and ask Covid-19 health questions relating to each guest from their household who is scheduled to receive treatments and to ensure booking can go ahead. In the event the client cannot be reached but they have completed the consent form, the booking will still go ahead, unless they have developed symptoms on the day of the treatment in which case the booking will be cancelled. The therapist will receive completed Client Health Consultation forms prior to booking. In the event the form/s have been received, therapists will be required to take hard copies of the form to be completed on the day. 
  • The therapist will be required to wear a visor and a Type II face mask at all bookings.  Visors must fit and be worn properly. It should cover the forehead, extend below the chin, and wrap around the side of the face.  Type II face masks are medical face masks made up of a protective 3-ply construction that prevents large particles from reaching the client or working. Goggles can now be worn as an alternative to face visors. However, a Type II face mask must still be worn by all practitioners. Goggles must be polycarbonate safety spectacles or equivalent.
  • The therapist to notify if they contract Covid-19 within two weeks of having undertaken an appointment so Glo can let the client know.
  • The therapist will be required to download the Test and Trace app, create a QR code and to take a print out of the QR code to every booking.  Any client receiving a treatment from the therapist will be required to scan the code.  In the event that the client does not have the app/smartphone or refuses to use the app the therapist to ensure that they are in receipt of either a Client Health form which includes all details of the client. 
  • The therapist will not be required to take towels.  These will be supplied by the client. 
  • Please familiarize yourself with government guidance on close contact services: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/close-contact-services#close-contact-2-2 


  • Clinically extremely vulnerable therapists have been strongly advised not to work outside the home during the pandemic peak and only return to work when community infection rates are low.
  • Clinically vulnerable therapists, who are at higher risk of severe illness (for example, people with some pre-existing conditions), have been asked to take extra care in observing social distancing.
  • To take their own temperature prior to the start of each working day and document this in a daily record
  • Uniforms to be changed after each booking, on a daily basis and washed immediately after use (on highest temperature possible – minimum 60`).
  • A change of footwear for the booking or the use of disposable shoe coverings.  
  • To go completely jewellery-free (where possible) to minimise risk, to keep hair tied back and that the therapist maintain short nails, with no acrylics.
  • PPE such as gloves and aprons can be used at bookings if the therapist wishes.
  • To bring their own bottle of drinking water

Tools and Supplies


  • To use disposable single use tools and supplies wherever possible and to take a bag for used tools so that they can be disposed of safely.
  • Ensure all lotions, creams, waxes and scrubs have always been in a closed container, if not these must be discarded and replaced.
  • Any non-disposable tools must always be thoroughly cleaned, then sterilised after each client.


  • To wear disposable gloves to clean and disinfect tools and equipment and that the therapist is careful when using sprays not to ingest any product.

The Property:


  • Water should not be dispensed unless in an emergency situation.  Clients to supply their own
  • Ventilation should be used as a control measure to reduce the risk of aerosol transmission of COVID-19 in enclosed spaces.  The client to ventilate the treatment room in advance of their glo therapist’s arrival. The therapist to ventilate where possible naturally (open windows) for the duration of treatment time, use extractor fan, and not use air-conditioning units


  • To clean and sanitise commonly touched surfaces such as door handles, taps, toilet facilities (fresh hand towels or disposable towels), soap dispenser.
  • To open all entrance/exit doors themselves to minimise client contamination
  • Only one client is allowed in the room with the therapist at one time, unless a minor, or working with another therapist and where possible one room designated for all treatments and per therapist. 

The Booking


  • Frequent hand washing (following NHS Guidelines) should take place before, during treatment (when required) and after each client, before putting on and after removing PPE equipment and cleaning equipment and environment, each time the toilet is used and when arriving at client venue and home. Hands should be washed thoroughly, using disposable towels to dry hands and turn the taps off. Washing with soap is better than using a sanitiser or wipes and sanitiser should only be an option when hand washing facilities are not convenient (note – sanitisers active ingredient must be effective against COVID-19 or contain a minimum of 60% alcohol). 
  • Sneeze into tissues, which are binned immediately and hands are washed thoroughly afterwards
  • A visor and Type II face mask to be worn throughout all bookings. 
  • Visors to be disinfected between any clients not from the same household.


  • Before each treatment hands are either washed or sanitised in front of the clients

Massages/Body/Facial Treatments


  • Couch roll is to be used in place of material couch covers
  • Couch/face cradles to be wiped down after each treatment
  • Towels will not be provided by the therapist and client/s to bring their own freshly laundered towels. In the event, a client does not provide their own towel the treatment will not take place and no refund offered.
  • Clients to wear face coverings unless receiving a facial or laying face down for a massage. In the event that a client does not have a face covering, the therapist will need to supply a disposable face covering and will be reimbursed £5 by the client

Nail Treatments


  • To use single-use, disposable nail files or washable files that can be fully sterilised between treatments.
  • Clients to wear face coverings for manicure treatments. In the event that a client does not have a face covering, the therapist will need to supply a disposable face covering and will be reimbursed £5 by the client


  • Wear gloves as well as a visor / goggles and face mask



  • To use single-use, disposable equipment and when not disposable, equipment will be sterilised between each client

Hair Styling


  • To sterilize equipment between each client. 
  • No blow dries will be offered.
  • Client required to wear face covering for appointment.

Yoga / Pilates:


  • Classes will only be conducted with mats spaced 2 metres apart if side by side and 1 metre if behind someone.
  • Clients to bring their own mats, but if not possible then mats would be cleaned with an alcohol- based solution.
  • Teachers will lead classes by demonstrating at the front and will not come close to clients or do any hands-on adjustments



  • Client receiving any treatment to provide their own face covering. In the event that the client does not have a face covering, the therapist will supply one and be compensated by the client for the mask at £5 per mask.
  • Each client is required to bring their own towels. Glo has requested two large bath towels. Treatment will not take place unless the client has a towel.
  • Ensure social distancing compliance times so only one client is in the treatment room at a time unless at a smaller venue and working with another therapist or when an adult is required in the room when treating a minor
  • To scan therapist QR code for Test and Trace app before receiving the treatment.
  • To provide own water to drink


  • Clients experiencing treatments that require removal of clothing are recommended to arrive for their treatment in a bath robe or undressed with a towel.
  • To provide own pen to sign the health disclaimer