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Workplace Wellbeing Workshops

Our business is about making companies healthier and more productive – through a fit and happy workforce and with that in mind we have carefully curated a range of fun yet educational workshops to help support your staff, alleviate stress and address work-life imbalance, with a focus on current areas of concern such as sleep and digital overload.

Whilst we offer the workshops packages below, all workshops can be tailored to timings, group sizes and budgets accordingly. 

Mindfulness Workshop

Our Mindfulness workshops give all the tools needed to bring mindful self-awareness into the stresses and strains of modern life. Our workshops cover 3 important themes:
An Introduction to Mindfulness,
Mindfulness and Positivity to support positive mental health and reduces stress
Digital Overload/Sleep.

Through these workshops and regular mindfulness practise we would expect to see an improvement in concentration and mental and physical health as well as a reduction in stress, anxiety and insomnia. 

Nutrition Workshops

Our interactive nutrition workshops focuses on the top 3 issues facing our workforces:
Work/ Life balance.  

Our top team or naturopaths provide comprehensive, jargon free nutrition advice to help overcome these issues, along with handouts, healthy menus and a healthy snack. 

 Life Coaching

A lack of self-confidence as well as being stuck in a rut is all too commonplace these days and as a result can negatively effect our day-to-day lives. Using life coaching techniques our workshops aim to guide, empower and ultimately improve restricting habits or mental patterns and by setting personal and professional goals can help individuals move forward. We offer the following workshops:

Live the life you want – will help individuals identify a key area for change and create an achievable objective to deliver positive and practical changes. A handout to take home is provided.

Sleep better, feel better, do better – identifies how sleep can affect us and provides effective strategies to improve sleeping patterns. Includes hypnotherapy session.

Tame the Beast - how to overcome presentation nerves - provides practical, effective strategies to minimise presentation nerves. Includes hypnotherapy session.

Aromatherapy Workshops

Our wonderful aromatherapy workshops create a fantastic option for team building and team rewards. It provides a great introduction to aromatherapy and its uses for health and home and will guide the group through creating their own blended product from salt scrubs to hand creams. Each workshop is bespoke and can be tailored to seasonal themes or national events such as creating a love potion for Valentine’s Day, or a deluxe hand-cream or foot soak for Mother’s day.


Corporate Mindfulness Workshops

Nutrition in the workplace
Life coaching in the office