Pamper Party At Home - FAQs

We want to make sure your mobile treatment or spa package with Glo is absolutely perfect you and makes you feel as good on the inside as the outside. To help you choose the right package, treatment type and length we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions. However, if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do our pamper parties work?

We have a fantastic selection of pamper packages that you can choose from. Whether you want to look and feel gorgeous for your big night out or want a pampering girlie night or afternoon in, we will work with you to provide a beautician at a time that suits your plans. Appointment schedules will be arranged for you so that your day/evening runs as smoothly as possible. Kids party treatments are decided on the day.

How do you make a booking?

For bookings over 1 month away, simply complete our online booking form and pay your non-refundable deposit. Once we have your booking form and allocated a therapist(s) to your booking you will then receive an email confirming your booking. Three weeks prior to your party we will ask for your treatment choices so that we can arrange your appointment schedule(s) and will confirm the remainder of your balance that will need paying. We do not arrange schedules for kids parties. If you wish to book a party and it is taking place within 3 weeks, then please get in touch as we will need to allocate therapists before we can confirm. We will then require payment in full.

What do we need to provide for the party?

Our therapists will arrive with their own products and equipment, so you just need to provide enough room to accommodate a massage couch (6ft x 2.5ft) if you are having Massages or Facials, and a table and two chairs for Manicures and Pedicures. Our beauticians will also need access to hot water and possibly a plug socket. For those guests having a Back Massage or Full Body Massage we recommend that you bring your own towel and a bathrobe and for those guests having Pedicures, we suggest you bring along flip flops or toe dividers. Its also nice if you can provide a glass of water or a cup of tea for the therapist too. They are unable to drink any alcohol when working, so don’t feel offended if they don’t take you up on your offer of a glass of fizz. Other than that our therapists will work with you to make your pamper party as hassle free as possible.

Where do you recommend the treatments take place?

For Massages and Facials we recommend that you set aside a warm, quiet room (such as a bedroom) so that you can fully relax and enjoy the treatment. Manicure and Pedicure treatments can take place in the same room with the rest of your guests so you don’t miss out on the fun! Remember we do need tables and chairs though. Pamper parties can be hosted in your homes, rented accommodation, or hotel rooms. All we ask is that if you are not holding it at your home, that you obtain permission from the venue/hotel prior to your party taking place.

How long do pamper parties last and how many treatments can you have during this time?

All our pamper parties are a minimum of 3 hours but can last as long as 4.5 hours and depending on the package you choose and the amount of guests you have will depend on how long the treatments last. As our treatments do run back to back a standard 30 minute treatment will last around 25-26 minutes as we do need time either side of the treatment to prepare for the next client.

What areas do you cover?

We have therapists based all over the UK and we come to you whether it is at home or at a hotel or another location. To avoid disappointment we recommend that you give us as much notice as possible. Treatments, travel and therapist/personnel time are included in the price, but extra charges may be levied for party venues over 10 miles from a city. For those party venues 10 miles from a city, a fee for petrol will be added to the cost of the party to cover personnel travel fees. Any travel costs to be paid will be communicated at the time of booking, but may vary if personnel cancellations occur where a replacement is required.

Do all guests have to have treatments?

It is your party, so we work with you every step of the way If some of your guests just want to pop in to enjoy the fun and not have a treatment then it is fine (so long as our minimum numbers are met).

Do I need to arrange appointment schedules?

We will request your treatment choices 2-3 weeks before the party and will then arrange appointment schedules for you so that it all runs as smoothly as possible. Occasionally we may not be able to provide your party’s first choice of treatment. If this is the case we will let you know as soon as possible so that your guest(s) can choose an alternative treatment. We provide our therapists with a 10 minute break every 1.5 hours of treatment and this will automatically be factored into your treatment schedule. You are not charged for their break time and occasionally, our therapists may choose to work through their breaks.

Can we change the appointment schedule and treatments on the day?

We are unable to change treatment choices within 1 week of the party. If you need to make any changes to the schedule on the day, please discuss with your therapist on arrival and she will work with you to try and accommodate your request however we cannot guarantee that she will be able to accommodate the change. Any guests arriving late for their appointment will only receive a treatment within their allotted time.

What should the guests wear?

It is important that your guests are comfortable so we recommend you wear comfortable clothing such as jogging bottoms or anything that is easily removable if you are having a Massage. And flip flops are recommended for those having pedicure treatments.

What products do the therapists use and can we tip them?

All our therapists are freelance mobile beauty therapists so all have been trained using different products. Whilst we insist that they use professional products, brands will differ from therapist to therapist. If you do have sensitive skin or would like to know in advance what products the therapist is using please get in touch and we will endeavour to find out for you. All our therapists are paid a competitive rate of pay when working with us, but if you are happy with the service and treatments you have experienced and wish to tip the therapist, then please do. There is no obligation to tip.

What happens if I need to change the amount of guests that are attending?

We ask for as much notice as possible (a minimum of 7 days notice), as this could affect how many therapists are needed for your party. Refunds can not be given to those guests not attending the party if they cancel within 7 days of the party date.

Can anyone have therapies/treatments?

Everyone can have a beauty treatment and almost anyone can have the therapies, however some therapies are not advisable if any of your guests have a medical condition. We can provide you with information regarding the medical conditions that are avoided these include, epilepsy, diabetes and cancer. If one of your guests is pregnant, we cannot provide our Massage service unless we are able to allocate a therapist with a specialist skill and qualification in this area. We do not provide Massage for pregnant guests, please invite pregnant guests to select an alternative treatment from our menu. We also advise that you do not drink any alcohol prior to any of the therapies as this can have serious side-effects. For our kids parties we are only able to give treatments on completion of a consent form which needs to be signed by either the parent or guardian wishing for their child to experience a treatment. We also ask that there is an adult present in the room when treatments are being carried out.

Payment Terms

A deposit will need to be paid once you have submitted your booking form. You can pay via debit card and credit card through our secure online payment site. This deposit is non-refundable should the party be cancelled. Once we receive payment and have allocated a therapist, your party is confirmed. Three weeks prior to the party, we will confirm the remainder of the balance. In order for the party to go ahead, we do require payment prior to the party. Our therapists do not accept payment on the day of the event. If your booking is made within 3 weeks of the party date we will ask for payment in full and you will not be required to pay a deposit. If your venue is situated in a congestion charge zone, you will be asked to refund the cost of the congestion charge direct to your Glo therapist/s on the day of the booking.


If any therapist is unable to perform his/her full engagement due to sickness, injury or any other reason then Glo will use all reasonable endeavours to fulfil its obligation by providing an alternative Freelance Therapist/s. This may involve the client/guests changing their treatment choice depending on the replacement therapist’s skills. If an alternative treatment is provided, no refund will be given on that treatment. Should any part of the engagement not be fulfilled in its entirety, Glo will deduct on a pro-rata basis the cost of the unfulfilled portion of the engagement.

Extra info for Kids parties

We do not organise treatment schedules for kids and ask parents to organise the treatments a little before our therapists arrive. A signed consent form must be supplied to your glo therapists when they arrive (please invite your child's guests' parents to sign when they drop their child off at your party).