10 brilliant uses for nail varnish other than as nail polish!

Friday 4th July 2014 by Charlotte Maxwell

As a nation we seem more obsessed than ever before with nail varnish.  I must admit I am one of those people. There isnt a week that goes by when I dont think….what colour varnish am I going to wear today or I google the latest nail varnish trends that the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry and Lilly Allen are wearing.  However whilst lost in the world of Gellish, Nail Art and Rhinestones, I also recently stumbled across some amazing and practical uses of nail varnish that doesn’t even involve painting nails.  I thought it would be rude not to share – so here goes

1. Stop runs in stockings/tights.– just dab a clear nail polish to both ends of a run and prevent the tear from spending further. It’s an easy way to wear your favourite stockings and tights for longer, plus saves any embarrassment of laddered stockings whilst in the office or on a night out.

2. Seals envelopes.  Its kinda lazy, but instead of licking the glue on the back of the envelope each time, just dab a little bit of clear nail varnish on it.  Its quick and easy and you dont have to experience that yukky envelope glue taste.

3. Cover up scratches and scuffs on shoes.  If you have a favourite pair of shoes that you cant bear to part with but they are a little scratched then use nail varnish to make them look brand spanking new again.

4.  Prevents allergic reactions– if, like me, you might be allergic to nickel ie jewellry, jeans buttons etc, then  coat the nickel  with clear nail polish.

5. Tighten loose screws - For an extra hold, coat your screws in nail polish.  After setting the screws let the polish dry.  This should give you added durability.

6.Needle threading -  Just apply some nail polish on the cut thread and then roll it between your fingers to make it dry quickly, then you will see how easily thread will go through the needle’s eye.

7. Repair frayed shoelaces – If your shoelaces have seen better days then dab some varnish at the end of the lace and  they will look as good as new again.

8. Prevents ink from running on your labels.  Coat the labels that identify your garden plants, or the labels that distinguish your shampoo bottles with clear nail polish to prevent the ink from smudging.

9. Distinguish your keys, by painting them different colours.  Helps you distinguuish the front door key , from the post box key to the office key.

10. Smooth splintered furniture – if you keep snagging your favourite jumper on an splintered chair then dab some clear nail varnish on it and it will prevent it from happening again.

Simples eh?!

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