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Health Awareness Programmes 

With 25.9 million days lost per year due to work related illness and 1.3 m workers suffering from a work-related illness (new or long standing) in 2015/16 we understand the importance and responsibility of any company in creating a healthy work environment.  Afterall happy and healthy people make great business. 

Stats show that the return on investment for some workplace health initiatives ranges from £2 for every £1 spent (1:2) to £34 for every £1 spent (1:34) mainly due to presenteeism and absenteeism (Healthy Work – Evidence into Action 2010 page 46 Figure 9)

With over 10 years of experience in the wellness field we create affordable, engaging and impactful programmes that educate your employees as well as fostering a greater understanding of self-awareness to improve how everyone lives their lives. 

Health awareness programmes are the perfect opportunity to focus in this area and we have vast experience of working with companies all shapes and sizes to create a programme that suits the company's culture and budget. Whether the focus is over one day, one week  in conjunction wiht a national or international awareness day such as International Mental Health Day or spread throughout the year, we provide the  flexibility and choice to offer a wide range of activities all under one roof without the need to work with lots of different suppliers and as we offer a nationwide service can operate simultaneously across multiple locations throughout the UK. 

Our workshops cover topics such as Mindfulness, Nutrition and Life Coaching and allows for groups of staff members over a lunch break or within a 45 minute - 60 minute timeframe to learn effective wellness techniques and advice with particular focus on topics such as:  stress, sleep and work life balance.  Our office wellbeing  services range from the ever-popular 1-2-1 treatments such as office massage and reflexology to 45 minute group exercise classes such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and Desk-Pilates. 

For more information on how we can help you run a successful wellness programme for your office, please get in touch and we can brain storm some ideas and put forward a proposal for you. 



 glo has tailored workshops and 1-2-1 treatments to support the following National Events: