Aromatherapy in Lockdown - the top tips!

Tuesday 9th June 2020 by Charlotte Maxwell

Top Tips with Aromatherapy in Lockdown - Prepared by Alice Smith

It's Aromatherapy Awareness Week and this year what better way to apply this method of natural healing than looking at ways we can help ourselves feel better during these uncertain times. Prepared by our colleague Alice (who is an aromatherapy teacher!)

Today essential oils are still used in beauty, medicine and for spiritual and physical wellbeing, along with perfumery, cosmetics, and pet care.

Essential oils have powerful properties and can support the everyday stresses of life that we have come to see as normal as well as provide anti-aging properties, cell regeneration, skin brightening and many more effective outcomes we require to keep healthy and beautiful.

Many beauty products these days have far too many chemical compounds which can be linked to disease and sometimes come with a hefty price tag, which I prefer not to pay. So rather than spend hours trying to get on to Boots online which is quite frankly impossible right now, I am creating my own blends to target my fine lines, slightly loose skin, cellulite, along with keeping my mind sane!

Don’t get me wrong it is 100% normal to have some anxiety, some worry, maybe even some bouts of depression during this lockdown period. We’ve not lived through something like this before and we don’t know how long it will be for, but we can do things to help manage are emotional wellbeing during this strange time.

My top tips on staying healthy and reaping the benefits of essential oils at home.


Try to exercise for at least 30 mins a day, I prefer to do it in the morning to get it over and done with but fit it in with kids, work whatever you have going on.

I think we can all struggle at times to get motivated for exercise so here are some essential oils that have stimulating and energising properties: Rosemary, Peppermint Patchouli, Juniper, Grapefruit. Try diffusing them around the house to get you going.


Eat healthily, not something I am 100% great at, come on please tell me I’m not the only person that has turned to the chocolates more than usual during this time!  However, I am trying to make a conscious effort what with the beast lurking outside.

These oils have digestive properties: Rosemary- digestive tonic, Rose- detoxifying, Peppermint- sluggish digestion, Orange- stimulate peristalsis, Neroli and lavender- good for digestive cramps and upset tummy due to stress or nervous anxiety, Lemon- stimulates digestion, Grapefruit- reduces appetite. Try making a little massage blend for the tummy (no more than 4 drops of essential oil to 10mls of carrier oil).


Take time for you, if you are busy with children or working from home make sure you get some down time, find a way to relax and switch off. This maybe meditating, a form of exercise, reading a book, watching a movie etc.

Here are some essential oils that aid relaxation: lavender, Chamomile, Jasmine, Rose, sandalwood. Try diffusing them around the house or get your partner to give you a wonderful massage using a massage oil (see instructions above) or even a body oil, I love nothing more than smothering myself in a bespoke body oil after a nice bath, the oils will absorb overnight so you’ll get the benefits for longer. You may also want to add oils to the bath, now please note oil and water does not mix so always mix 3-4 drops of oil to either a bath oil, bubble bath or shower gel before adding to the bath, some oils can irritate the skin so important you don’t add them straight to the bath water.

If you are suffering with anxiety around the current situation, I would suggest not watching too much TV and be mindful of social media, I have chosen to really limit this as it can become overwhelming with the negativity and propel anxiety. Take time to be in the here and now, stop thinking ahead enjoy what you have now, your family, your friends even if you can’t see them in person, call them, face time them.

Here are some essential oils that can help reduce anxiety: Ylang ylang, Patchouli, Palmarosa, Neroli, Geranium, Frankincense, Cedarwood and Bergamot. Best used as a diffuser around the home, although if you find your anxiety is worse in the evening then perhaps try some of the above ways of using essential oils like a bath or massage oil.


You should always seek expert advice from an aromatherapist before trying to blend your own oils, some can be extremely potent and should not be used around animals, young children and anyone who is pregnant or may have heart or respiratory conditions.

If you don't have a stock of essential oils at home, try Tisserand who is a partner of glo's and you can buy online at their shop. 

Stay safe everyone! Alice x