Keep Calm and Get Married

Friday 21st August 2015 by Charlotte Maxwell

Weddings can be the most memorable day of anyone’s life, but sometimes for all the wrong reasons.  Nerves and stress levels can often get the better of  any bride  and with so much time and effort that has gone into the preparation  we thought it might be useful to provide some handy hints on what you can do on the big day to help make it as stress-free and calm as possible.

A good hearty breakfast – Firstly set enough time aside for a good brekkie.  We recommend oats with fruit (Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) as the protein in the oats will give you that much needed energy.  Eggs are also good (Scrambled, boiled or poached) but try steer clear of milk or dairy as this could make you feel bloated. Try to avoid any early morning  glasses of champagne and opt instead for green tea or water which will help keep you hydrated

Ease stress with a relaxing massage

Book in for a massage as this will also help calm any pre-wedding nerves as well as release any tension that has built up whilst preparing for the wedding. A stress-free body and mind  also brings out the best in your skin. Massage boosts circulation, which also helps nourish the skin for a healthy bridal glow. 


Relax with a bubble bathRelax with a bubble bath. Similarly to massage a good ol’ soak can calm nerves and adding eucalyptus or lavender essential oils to the bath  can also help reduce any stress. A hot bath also opens up the pores of the skin and releases toxins. The result is a fresher and cleaner skin. We also recommend lighting a candle and playing some soft music so that you can take some much needed YOU time before the festivities begin.

Create an emergency kit and designate one of the wedding party to look after it for you.   Some ideas of what to include in the  the kit are tampons, pads, hairspray, safety pins, stain removal, extra tights/underwear,  mini sewing kit, water, energy bars q-tips, cotton balls, aspirin, mints, tissues, mini first aid kit for any blisters on feet and makeup remover

Allow plenty of time get ready so that you dont feel rushed.  No one wants a late bride but no one wants a stressed one either.  Take advice from the hairdresser and make-up artist as to how long they will need and then allow extra time for getting the dress on.   Make sure that the bridal party are ready 30 minutes before you are

Finally, remember your wedding is ALL ABOUT YOU. So take a deep breath, clear your mind, keep calm and get married!