Kelly's Top 10 Favourite Things Ever

Wednesday 14th September 2016 by Kelly Skipper

Eek, I can't quite believe that glo is ten years old in October. From a discussion with my now hubby at the airport before jetting off on our hols (and pre kids) to talking through the idea with Charlotte whilst in the middle of doing a car boot sale on the outskirts of London, I cant quite believe how much our baby has grown.  Glo definitely feels like the 5th member of my family and so very proud of what we and all our clients and therapists have helped us achieve over the years.  Anyway less of the gush.......

To celebrate our 10 years of business, we will be writing a series of blogs focusing on all things 10.  I am kickstarting it with my Top 10 Favourite Things Ever.  When Charlotte asked me to do this, I felt like I had been asked to appear on Desert Island Discs and with a naive "yes piece of cake" it is only now that I realise that it isn't quite as easy as I had originally thought.  

Anyway, below are my top 10 fave things - which also gives you an insight into my wonderful little world.

1. My Family
Harris Family

An obvious choice, but my husband Geoff, kids Coco and Gil as well as my Mum, Dad and Sister.  They all keep me sane and I love them all to the moon and back. 

2. Mascara 
Keeping it real.  I couldn't live without this baby. With fair skin and blues eyes lashings of this stuff makes me feel human and i can tackle anything once i have my "eyes on"

3. The Smell of Clean Washing 
This just takes me back to when i was a child and my mum used to hang her washing outside on the line.  I used to stuff my face in that fresh airy loveliness and breathe it in. Just gorgeous!

4. Sun-tanned Feet 
I am not a fan of my feet.  They kinda look like pigs trotters at best with short toes and they are teensy size 4, but there is something about have them sun-tanned brown that makes me smile.  Not matter what you wear on your feet or what nail varnish colour you choose they always look good when they have been in the sun. 

5. Music
Music has had such a profound effect on my life, from teen memories of dancing to Soft Cell and Whitney Houston in my besties living room (we were 80s children - cant you tell?) to working for a record label and where I met my now hubby,  music is the one thing that has always played a big role in my life.  Not only does it make you get on your feet and dance like a loon (when nobody is watching obvs) but it can also help relax, reflect and conjures up a huge array of emotions. 

6. Chocolate 
The world would be a much less exciting place without chocolate. Whether its a chocolate dessert, chocolate ice cream or a good old fashioned bar of chocolate, it really is one of my favourite things that I couldnt live without. 

7.  Bubbles 
Who doesnt love a glass of fizz?  Whether its prosecco or champagne that cork usually only gets popped when there is a celebration to be had.  Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Anniversaries - some wonderful drunken memories of a lovely, happy giddiness (and a fair few hangovers too).

8. The Crunch of Snow 
It doesnt snow that often in London (which is probably why I like it), but there is something so magical about the silence that snow brings when living in a city.  With no cars on the roads all that can be heard is footsteps crunching in the snow and the giggles from children (and the odd adult) playing in the snow.  There  really is nothing quite like it. 

9. My Monday Morning Hikes 
Monday is my day off and whilst most of it is packed with family errands and chores I always make time for a hike (or walk).  Living in Los Angeles, means that there arent many occasions that you are not near a busy road or motorway and the general hubub of daily life.  A walk in the canyons with the sprawling expanse of the city below, the endless blue cloudless skies and a peak at the sea helps clear my mind, keeps me fit and totally sets me up for the week ahead. 

10.  Fresh Bed Linen 
Closely tied with my favourite hobby of sleeping. there is something so very lovely about sinking in to bed at the end of the busy day with fresh, clean or new bed linen.  It makes the snuggling down for a good nights sleep much more enjoyable. 

So there you go.  I could have kept going with a tonne more favourite things and memories, but alas we have pamper parties and events to book.  Thanks for reading and why don't you let us know what your Top 10 favourite things are?!