Natalie's Top 10 Favourite Things!

Saturday 17th December 2016 by John Smith

Being a member of the glo team and also to be present in celebrating the companies 10th birthday is fabulous! So when I was asked to contribute to this celebration with a blog focusing on my Top 10 Favourite Things, I was delighted and set about having a good old think as to what they are (it's harder than I anticipated)! Here are my faves below!

1. My Family and Friends

I’m lucky to have a lovely partner and family who are so kind and thoughtful and full of fun! I also have a fab set of friends who I have made some fantastic memories with throughout our years together and I’m looking forward to more great times in the future!

2. Homemade Pizza

I love getting creative with my partner and his kids making these; our pizzas are scrummy to eat, easy and fun to do and dare I say – tastier than a pizza takeaway!

3. Fresh Flowers

I love having flowers in the house, there’s something about walking into a room with a flower scent and seeing the beautiful colours that makes me smile.

4. Lip gloss

The lure of all the pretty colours and choice of lipstick and lip glosses means that I cannot walk past my favourite make up counters without purchasing one!

5. Camping (glamping more like) – exploring new and old places with my other half and his kids in our ace T5 van, which we recently bought, we can’t wait to go places together, the world (or Great Britain at least) is our oyster!

6. Gel Manicure and Pedicure

There is nothing better than having a fresh gel manicure and gel pedicure aka ‘new nails’ all matching and looking glossy is great!

7. Chocolate

his is a big favourite thing! Also Gin, I like Gin too; although not at the same time!

8. Exercise classes

My friend and I do a great dance class workout (although my coordination needs work) and we love a good boogie there, singing along to the songs and of course, the workout!

9. Winter walks in the country or beside the sea (I’m lucky I live close to both)

Enjoying a long walk and talk about anything and nothing with my other half, stopping for a cheeky drink along the way.

10. Strictly come dancing - Christmas time!

At this time of year it’s great, getting strictly on the tele, knowing it’s very nearly Christmas and pretending I can dance!

Merry Christmas to all our clients and therapists, wishing you all a very Happy New Year!