Our Big Ten Promotion

Thursday 8th August 2013 by Charlotte Maxwell

Eeek – excited here at glo towers!  We have just launched our Big Ten promotion which means that if any of you lovely lot book in for any of our pamper party packages throughout September and October for 10 people or more, the 11th person gets their treatment absolutely FREE.  Terms and conditions apply of course, but check out our special offer page for more info.

In the meantime, whilst it is all about the number ten we thought we would share some fun health and beauty tips  with you.  Enjoy!

1. The first nail varnish was produced in the USA by Charles Revlon in 1932

2. A one hour massage equates to around 7-8 hours sleep on the body

3. Colour and condition of the nails reflects the health of the body

4. A body hair will grow for 2-6 years

5. There are approx 5,000 touch receptors in our skin – 3,000 in our fingertips alone

6.The word pedicure comes from the Latin words “pres” meaning foot and “cura” meaning care

7.The thickest skin is found on your feet and is approx 1.4mm deep

8. The nails on the hand you use more, grow faster

9. You lose around 20-100 hairs a day

10. Skin accounts for 15% of your body weight