Top tips for planning your New Year's Eve party

Monday 22nd December 2014 by Charlotte Maxwell

Want a rocking new year’s party this year? here’s how to make the most fun with the easiest of ease:

The Look: Use the latest make up trends to give glamour and sparkle to your outfit.  Last year it was feathery eyelashes, this year the top trend is glitter.  Use these tips for a fabulous eye make up makeover: don’t overdo the glitter – focus on one specific area like the inner or outer corners of your eyes. Don’t use too many colours, use one or two shades that work well together like blue and silver.  If you’re eyes are the main attraction, keep the rest of your make up subtle and keep lips nude.

Now you’ve got your look sorted, time to focus on your party!!

Drinks: For a more affordable and equally delicious alternative to champagne, try Prosecco – local supermarkets often have deals on the make it even more cost effective.  Mulled Wine or Mulled cider will make a delicious and warming alternative

Snacks: stock up on some substantial essentials like cheese and cocktail sausages – Nigella Lawson swears by them! as well as titbits from your local deli counter.

Decorations: use seasonal fruit and nuts to decorate your home: a beautiful bowl of tangerines, or a box of nuts still in their shells, wrapped chocs like quality street look pretty in bowls or glasses. And guests can get to eat the decorations too!

Games:  Turn making new year’s resolutions into a fun game that everyone can enjoy: give each guest a new year’s resolution card with the first part of a resolution and ask them to finish it. Collect all the cards and read out the resolutions and invite your friends to guess who wrote which resolution: Things like: “The bad habit I’m going to give up is _______ “, “The skill I want to learn this year is _________” , “The goal I want to achieve next year is _______”

Music: invite friends to bring their ipods and give them a chance to DJ with their top 3 favourite tunes. Or invite your guests to tell you their top three tunes when they rsvp the party. Create a cd with all the songs and make copies for them to take home at the end of the party.

Put a list of useful phone numbers together for your local cab or taxi companies in case some of your guests need help getting home!

Create little going home bags for friends to enjoy on new year’s day: fill the bags with Alka-Seltzer, vitamin C, and the CD of the all the music you created! As well as a hot chocolate sachet for a cosy lie in!

Preparation – invite a friend or two over early to help prepare, it’ll be more fun and will make light of the work.

Enjoy! Remember the party is for you too, make sure you remind yourself to let your hair down for a fab party too!!!

Here’s to a rocking nye party and a happy and healthy 2015 Everyone!!!!