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Health and Safety during Covid-19 – Clients

Last updated on 16th July 2020


  • A link to an online Covid-19 consent form will be issued prior to the booking and will need to be completed at least 48 hrs before the booking. The consent form covers reasons for refusal of treatment (symptoms of client or other member of household, along with underlying health conditions which are now a contraindication: (heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, suppressed immune systems etc.) or aged over 70.
  • Glo is communicating with holiday partners and clients to request that proper risk assessments are taking place at each property prior to arrival.
  • Glo has a revised cancellation policy
  • Glo is arranging 10 minute breaks between each client to allow for the treatment room/equipment to be cleaned and room to be aired as a result treatments will be a little shorter than usual. 
  • Glo has revised treatment provision as outlined in section below entitled Treatments.
  • Glo has adjusted treatment times.  Some treatments are no longer being offered or have been adapted to reduce face to face proximity with the client during the treatment.
  • Glo has revised Business Terms and Conditions which now incorporate Covid-19 health and safety protocols for both the client and therapists.

Booking Preparation: 


  • To complete Glo’s Covid-19 consent form for all clients receiving treatment/s
  • To call or text the therapist 24 hrs before the booking confirming that any client receiving treatments has not developed any Covid-19 symptoms since completion of the consent form.
  • To confirm in advance that there will be no more than two households receiving treatments indoors or no more than five households receiving treatments outdoors. To give Glo the contact name, email and telephone number of one member of each household if more than one. 
  • Each client receiving a treatment will be required to bring their own face covering. Face coverings will not be required when being massaged face down or for facials.  In the event that the client does not have a face covering, the therapist can supply one and be compensated by the client at a cost of £5 per mask and payable on the day or in advance of the booking.
  • Each client receiving a body treatment is required to bring their own towels.  Ideally each client will need to provide two large bath towels.
  • Ensure social distancing compliant at all times.
  • The client to air the treatment room in advance of their glo therapist’s arrival. To air where possible naturally (open windows), use extractor fan, and not use air-conditioning units.
  • That the room/s allocated for treatment/s is not a common area but a bedroom or equivalent.
  • Only one client will be allowed in the treatment room at a time, unless the client receiving a treatment is a minor of there are two therapists working in one room.
  • If there are two households at the property and only one household receiving treatments, we ask that the second household is not present in the accommodation when the therapist is on site. 
  • If two therapists are provided to give treatments, two separate rooms will be required.  For smaller venues with less rooms, there will need to be enough room for therapists to set up at least 2m from each other. Massage beds are typically 2m x 1m.
  • To provide own drinking water


  • For those treatments where removal of clothing is required, it is recommended that the client arrive for the treatment in a bath robe or undressed with a towel.
  • To provide own pen to sign the health disclaimer
  • To be proactive in ensuring a proper Risk Assessment on the property/venue and that it is suitable for treatments to take place and as per the section below detailed in Property/Venue

The Property/Venue:



  • That one room is used for all treatments, preferably not a common space, but a bedroom, that has been aired between treatments and where commonly touched surfaces can be easily cleaned.
  • The client to keep the treatment room well ventilated (where possible naturally) open windows, use extractor fan, and not use air-conditioning units.
  • Client and therapist sterilise commonly touched surfaces such as door handles, taps, toilet facilities (fresh hand towels or disposable towels), soap dispenser.
  • The therapist is recommended to open all entrance/exit doors themselves to minimise client contamination
  • Where possible, treatments can take place outdoors to alleviate risk of infection.


Massages/Body Treatments


  • The therapist will use couch roll instead of material couch covers
  • The therapist will wipe down couch/face cradles after each treatment
  • Towels will not be provided by the therapist and the client to bring their own freshly laundered towels. Failure to bring own towel will result in inability to carry out the treatment.
  • Any massage that is 45 minutes or less will be conducted in the prone position or seated only.  60 minute massages will incorporate massage on the front of the legs and feet also.
  • Client to wear a face covering when laying on their back to receive a massage. 

Facials / Makeup / Hairstyling

These treatments will not be offered

Nail Treatments


  • The therapist will use single-use, disposable nail files or washable nail files and equipment will be sterilised between each client using Barbicide.
  • Client to wear a face covering  for manicures and nail treatments limited to a maximum of 45 minutes.

Yoga / Pilates:


  • Classes will be conducted outside, with mats spaced 2 metres apart if side by side and 1 metre if behind someone.
  • Classes will be limited to a maximum of 5 participants per class
  • Clients to bring their own mats, but if not possible the mats will be supplied by the teacher and will have been cleaned with an alcohol- based solution prior to the class.
  • Teachers will lead classes by demonstrating at the front and will not come close to clients or do any hands-on adjustments

The Booking


  • 24 hrs before the booking the therapist will call the client/s (representative from each household) and ask Covid-19 health questions to ensure booking can go ahead. 
  • The therapist will confirm in writing no Covid-19 symptoms at least 48 hrs before the booking.
  • Therapists will wear the necessary PPE for the scheduled treatment/s, ie visor, gloves, and shoe coverings.
  • Frequent handwashing (following NHS Guidelines) will need to take place by the Therapist before, during treatment (when required) and after each client, before putting on and after removing PPE equipment and cleaning equipment and environment, each time the toilet is used and when arriving at the venue. Hands will be washed thoroughly, using disposable towels to dry hands and turn the taps off.
  • The therapist will use disposable single use tools and supplies wherever possible and will take a bag to place used tools in to safely dispose of them.
  • Any non-disposable tools used by the therapist will always be thoroughly cleaned, then sterilised after each client.


  • Before each treatment it is recommended that both the client and therapist wash or sterilise hands in front of each other.