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“Start with your hands on the lower back, your thumbs either side of the spine and your fingers pointing 
towards the head. With relaxed hands, stroke firmly up the back. Lean into your hands, using your body 
weight to apply pressure.”

“Pull back down on the muscles at the base of the neck, then stroke across the shoulders, moulding your
hands to them. Sweep your hands round the tops of the arms and down the sides of the back.”

“Using the heel of your hand, rub in circular movements down each side of the spine, adapting the pressure
to your subject’s depth of comfort.”

“Walk up either side of the spine with your thumbs, using your weight to apply pressure. If you come across
knots, you can pause here and work a little more deeply.”

“Massage the neck with your thumb and first finger. Start at the base and, in circles, work up to the bottom
of the skull.”

“Make loose fists and then pummel all over the back. Ensure that you keep your wrists flexible and loose
so the movement is light and springy. Finish off the massage with slow stroking as per the first point.”

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