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Visit the New Forest and relax with mobile massage

The New Forest is located in the centre of south England.  It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK.  

King William 1st founded the New Forest in 1079. It was an ideal hunting ground with over 200 square miles of beautiful heathlands and woodland areas.  Being close to the then capital Winchester, it was was of royal interest and when Deer hunting was very popular.  Later this changed and the area become known for its timber industry for ship building.  Even now, there is more than 100 square miles of forest which is still owned by the Crown. But is administered by the Forestry Commission - an historic protection for Woodlands and Wilderness throughout the UK. 

It's an incredible habitat for rare species of flora and fauna including 5 different species of Deer. In Britain almost 1,500 species of butterfly and moths have been found in the New Forest. Some of these, like the wild gladiolus, can only found in the New Forest. 

It's completely free to explore the forest at your leisure via a network of footpaths and cycle paths.  

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