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Monday 6th February 2017 by Kelly Skipper

With Valentines Day on 14th February and Random Act of Kindness Day on 17th February we wanted to inspire you with some gift ideas for Valentines day as well as ideas for activities/gifts that you can simply give/do for Random Act of Kindness Day.  Whether you are in a relationship or single, can splash the cash or want to do something for a little less we have ideas for everyone:

As George Bernard Shaw once most famously said "there is no sincerer love than the love of food".  So dust down your apron, give your cooking utensils a shine and get baking.  Whether its a cake, cupcake or something on the savoury side some home-cooked food is a fantastic and thoughtful way to show someone how much you care. Womans Day website has some great ideas to help inspire those of you with a sweet tooth.  For those without a partner then you can still spread the love  by baking some cakes for the homeless, someone in hospital or for the elderly. You are sure to make their Valentines Day memorable with such a kind gesture. 

Whilst on the subject of food this neatly takes me on to the next idea of a gift of drink.  So that you can cosy up at home, kick back and relax then why not buy a  personalised bottle of bubbly or wine.  Bottle Bazaar offer a great range of affordable alcohol with a selection of personalised labels to choose from. For those of you wanting something a little less alcoholic then Blends For Friends, creates a blend of loose leaf tea based on the recipient's personality. 

Rather than spending Valentine's Day at a local restaurant why not  try a date with a difference.  Go Dancing...... and we don't mean busting a few moves at the local hot spot - we are talking about feeling inspired by Strictly Come Dancing and signing up for a dance class,  hitting up a salsa club, or going see live music that makes you want to get your shimmy on. Check out Virgin Experience Days who have some great introductory dance classes to choose from. 

Sometimes words are all that is needed to tell someone how much you care. If you are feeling crafty then making your own Valentines Day cards can be thoughtful and fun (Buzzfeed have some great ideas).  Pinterest also has a great tutorial for an exploding love box so that you can fill the 24+ flaps with pictures and personalised messages for your sweetheart and randomly hidden post-it notes at your home with messages can also be cute and fun.  I have perhaps saved the best for last though.  As a Random Act of Kindness for Valentines Day then why not write a complete stranger a love letter or request a love letter for someone in your life who needs one.  More Love Letters is an organisation that does just this. They have a whole heap of deserving and wonderful people who are in need of a letter and some kind words.  It really is a truly magical and unique idea so please take time to visit their website for more info on how it all works.

Our Valentines Day suggestions wouldn't be complete without an activity that is very dear to our hearts - health and beauty treatments.  Couples massages are always a big hit for Valentines Day and means that you can both relax together but for those who are up for giving a massage to their loved one then check out Hello Glow's website for some wonderful homemade massage oil recipes.  We particularly heart the Love potion one!  For those that are sick of all the mush and gush of Valentine's Day then why not get the girls over for an anti-valentines pamper party.  We have a fantastic range of affordable pamper party packages to choose from so that you can all relax, indulge in a treatment and enjoy the ultimate girls night in without a heart or rose in sight!

Finally, for those of you with the biggest hearts of all then why not volunteer for Valentines Day or Random Act of Kindness Day.  A fantastic way to meet new people and also spread some kindness to people less fortunate than yourself.  Do It is an organisation that offers a whole heap of volunteering opportunities for you to get involved with.  

Before I sign off, please ensure you check out our very own Random Act of Kindness promotion.  Get in touch with us via Facebook before 17th February and nominate someone who you think is deserving of a bit of pampering and tell us why.  Once we have looked at all the nominations then a free massage or pampering treatment could be winging its way to one of your besties.   Good luck!