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Thursday 23rd March 2017 by Charlotte Maxwell

Mother's day With Mother’s day around the corner we’ve taken a closer look at how we and some other countries celebrate. In the UK, Mother’s day also called Mothering Sunday is always celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent. The tradition goes way back to 16th century when poor children were given a day off work to go home and honour the Virgin Mary at their “mother church”. Children would pick flowers and back cakes called Simnel Cakes. These days, most families celebrate by giving gifts, flowers and spending time with their mums.


Fête des mères was first honoured by Napoleon who wanted mothers of large families to be rewarded, and then during the first world war mothers of...

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Monday 6th February 2017 by Kelly Skipper

With Valentines Day on 14th February and Random Act of Kindness Day on 17th February we wanted to inspire you with some gift ideas for Valentines day as well as ideas for activities/gifts that you can simply give/do for Random Act of Kindness Day.  Whether you are in a relationship or single, can splash the cash or want to do something for a little less we have ideas for everyone:

As George Bernard Shaw once most famously said "there is no sincerer love than the love of food".  So dust down your apron, give your cooking utensils a shine and get baking.  Whether its a cake, cupcake or something on the savoury side some home-cooked food is a...

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Thursday 12th January 2017 by Charlotte Maxwell

Get your Natural High in January

At this time of year it’s normal to feel gloomy and feeling sunny can sometimes seem out of reach.   Statistically, the most depressing day of the year is the 3rd Monday of January.  This year, the 3rd Monday falls on January 16th - next monday! This is due to post Christmas festivities, bank balances have dwindled, everyone’s got a cold, and the dark days can make us feel "SAD".  So we’ve asked our experts what we can do naturally to help us feel better! Below comprises some fantastic insights for body mind and soul to help us lighten these dark and moody days!

Nutrition:by Sara Jubb glo's Naturopath 

What you eat can have...

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Saturday 17th December 2016 by John Smith

Being a member of the glo team and also to be present in celebrating the companies 10th birthday is fabulous! So when I was asked to contribute to this celebration with a blog focusing on my Top 10 Favourite Things, I was delighted and set about having a good old think as to what they are (it's harder than I anticipated)! Here are my faves below!

1. My Family and Friends

I’m lucky to have a lovely partner and family who are so kind and thoughtful and full of fun! I also have a fab set of friends who I have made some fantastic memories with throughout our years together and I’m looking forward to more great times in the...

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Thursday 8th December 2016 by Kelly Skipper

Contrary to popular beliefs, a greasy spoon fry-up or hair of the dog the day after a big night can actually make you feel much worse on your sensitive stomach. Eating it the night before will help protect the lining of your tummy to prevent alcohol from being too easily absorbed. Ideal meal choice is a beef burger and chips! If your head hurts the next day and you need sunglasses to open the fridge, then the following tips will help:


Water: Adams ale is the natural elixir and should be your number one priority when you wake. Alcohol is a diuretic (it pushes liquids from the body) and when there’s no water left, the body draws water from...

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