Thursday 8th August 2013 by Charlotte Maxwell

Eeek – excited here at glo towers!  We have just launched our Big Ten promotion which means that if any of you lovely lot book in for any of our pamper party packages throughout September and October for 10 people or more, the 11th person gets their treatment absolutely FREE.  Terms and conditions apply of course, but check out our special offer page for more info.

In the meantime, whilst it is all about the number ten we thought we would share some fun health and beauty tips  with you.  Enjoy!

1. The first nail varnish was produced in the USA by Charles Revlon in 1932

2. A one hour massage equates to around 7-8 hours sleep on...

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Wednesday 3rd July 2013 by Charlotte Maxwell

A trip away would be about as heavenly as winning the lottery, but in the hectic world we live in, we often don’t find the time.

Well it looks like you better clear some space because experts are now saying that regular holidays are a vital necessity, not a luxury.
“Our bodies need a break from the stresses of work,” says Andrew McCombe, author of Activate Your Life. “We often overlook the importance of proper rest and relaxation, but without it our bodies don’t have time to repair, recuperate and grow.”

The unfortunate thing is that today’s workaholic climate makes many of us feel guilty, weak or bad for taking the downtime that’s owed to us. “Australians have a...

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Wednesday 8th May 2013 by Charlotte Maxwell

As the sun shines and we countdown to holidays its that time of year to start getting healthy, fit and in shape so that we can feel confident wearing our bikinis on the beach.  If you are anything like me and simply dont have the time or money to go to the gym, then we have put together some nifty little tips to help you get in shape whether you are picking the kids up from school, watching TV or at work.  Good luck and let us know how you got on.

1. Walking.  You can burn up to 300 calories an hour, just by walking and if you increase the speed for a brisk 45 minute walk, then you...

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Friday 26th April 2013 by Charlotte Maxwell

The days are getting longer and hopefully we have seen the last of the frost – it finally feels like spring has arrived! So why not take put an extra spring in your step and shake off your winter skin by trying a mini springtime detox?

Although you can do a detox diet at any time, springtime has traditionally been regarded as the best time of the year and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine believe that the body’s energies that come to the surface in spring make it easier for the body to release toxins.

There is always debate in medical circles about the benefits of doing a detox. I know many doctors think the liver (the main organ of...

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Tuesday 19th March 2013 by Charlotte Maxwell

Thanks to the lovely folks at Yahoo, they have put together 7 justifiable reasons as to why we can eat chocolate (dark chocolate that is) and not feel guilty about it.  Perfect timing for Easter I thought and would seem rude not to share it with you!

Chocolate makes you slim

Chocolate may not be an obvious food choice for dieters, but research findings suggest that eating chocolate in moderation could actually keep you slim. The study conducted by the University of California tested the theory that, as chocolate is believed to increase your metabolism, these benefits may cancel out the calories consumed. The results suggested that chocolate may not only be calorie neutral; it can also help you to...

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