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Thursday 14th February 2013 by Charlotte Maxwell

In amongst the cards, flowers, chocolates, gifts, dinners and all other valentine-themed goodies that you are lured into  buying for your loved one, I cant help but think whether any of us know how Valentines Day came about.  After a little bit of research this morning, I dug up some great info on the history of Valentines Day that I hope you find is of interest.


Like many saints, actual details about Valentine’s life are hard to come by. There are at least three saints with that name, but the famous one was a Christian priest who lived in Rome in the third century. He appears to have been imprisoned, beaten with clubs and eventually beheaded on the...

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Thursday 24th January 2013 by Charlotte Maxwell

Just stumbled across some research conducted by City and Guilds in 2012 which shows that beauty and hairdressing is the second happiest profession.  Seems of the 2,200 workers surveyed gardeners and florists topped the list of happiest workers, followed by beauticians, hairdressers and plumbers. Meanwhile, bankers, IT professionals and HR workers were found to be the least happy.

The majority of beauticians surveyed felt that the were able to use their skills every day, felt recognised and appreciated and that their work was worthwhile and useful.

So our fabulous beauticians not only help to make you all look and feel great, but they really enjoy what they are doing too.  All in all everyone is happy!

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Tuesday 8th January 2013 by Charlotte Maxwell

We are so excited here at glo towers, as we have just launched our fab new January promotion.  If you and your mates book a Bliss Pamper Party by the end of February (party can be anytime in 2013) then the leading lady is entitled to a FREE 30 minute treatment.  Yes – perfect for the Bride-to-Be, Birthday girl, host or Mummy-to-be.  They can choose from our delectable range of mobile beauty treatments (manicure, pedicure, facial and massage) and we can send someone over in a jiffy to pamper you and your friends.

Go on….you know you want to.  Check out our promo page for more info.

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Thursday 6th December 2012 by Charlotte Maxwell

With Christmas only a few weeks away we are busy, busy, busy plucking, preening and pampering lots of guests for their Christmas parties.  Smokey eyes, red lips and big hair definitely seems to be hot this Christmas.

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Friday 7th September 2012 by Charlotte Maxwell

we’re looking forward to treating Laura Waddington and her friends for their party this weekend in Hatton Park, Warwickshire.  They’ve opted for our heavenly treats package for 45 minutes per person of delicious pampering luxury!

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